Sunday, January 24, 2010

Black hole

Unhappy alone, alien in company,
sad facing consequences, torn apart by wants,
empty after fulfilment, joyless when dreamy,
indifferent to sympathy, scathed by taunts.

Disenchanted on attaining, hopeless facing gloom,
Corroded by ennui, foxed by duality,
Let down horribly, erasing bliss and bloom,
Slip ping when guarding individuality.

Troubled wrestling ghouls, frightened surfacing,
tired upholding a smile, better at grimacing,
knocked cold by memories, heart heavy and racing.
aghast at aborted ambitions, livid showcasing.

At the centre of it all, happy on a roll,
lies an obscenely insatiable black hole.

- Max Babi

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