Sunday, December 27, 2009

Idiocy: Recollecting 2009

1) There was an outbreak of idiocy, and the world seemed normal. An out of work bartender sold her virginity thrice, and made plans to leave an estate to an accidental bastard.

2) Like frightened piglets people dug their snouts into sands of imagined protection while swine flu killed at random. Opportunists sucked profits obscene while minuscule demons mutated. Meaningless rituals took hold, whilst specialists squirted spurts of doom. Confusion legitimised idiocy.

3) A superpower spent zillions of dollars on arms while military and militia raped, pillaged, killed and razed hamlets. Blackrobed judges gave the president a peace prize. Unarmed peaceniks got shot. Terror like smog came to stay. Idiocy smothered humanity.

4) Yeats said seat of love and seat of excretion are merely two fingers apart. Idiocy and intellect, pigheadedness and an angelic side, dumbly cohabit like a frigid couple.

5) A planet doomed looks at us like a mother dying, while the affluent try to chop off her body part. Idiocy is a miasma that cloaks quiet desperation.

6) Power of greed like alien seeds grew wild, potatoes grew five times bigger like obsese kids, when injected with frog DNA, Worse than poison, GM food could make us freaks.

7) In the age of the Rainbow Warrior, toxic dumping can be whooshed off when pacifism fizzles out, and 2000 vocalists synchronise on a single scale.


9) Aspirin is good, it's bad! Good bad goodbad goodbad goodbad! Truth like God lives as spiritin spacetime cracks, 5 billion blind men fumble, Godmen buy islands.

10) When idiocy wraps us like second skin, how will a tiny lamp of sense warm our noses - ears falling off? When a thousand groups are drilling holes in our boat, will words save us?


12) We wouldn't be caught dead with deadlines, lives we stuff into a sculpted ruse. Our sloppiness screams from our ad hoc day to day battles. What an organic heaven!

13) A clutch of rich nations possesses enough nukes to wipe out all life globally thirty times over.After the first use, who will press the button twenty-nine times? Idiocy supreme.

14) An Asian-American with alleged terrorist links may get three hundred years in jail. If he lives to 110, will they flog his effigy for 240 years? Schoolboy justice?

15) Some Palestinian idiots killed 13 Israelis, as a reprisal insecurity-crazed idiots razed Gaza strip killing 1300. What lovely arithmetic.

16) One Pandora'a Box left untouched will be opened soon, biologists are very close to creating life. Sci-fi will go hi-fi.


18) Switzerland, a heaven for vapid tourists who trill and dance, and a haven for blood moneytrailing despots and tyrants and power-crazed out of power.

19) If animals ruled the world, would they overmine the earth till cities collapsed? Overmine to undermine existence?

20) India's culture, exotic, exquisite and exalted rests on shaky, shifting and shattered civilisation.

21) After walling up people in an edifice of unjust truth, we write judgments 1000s of pages long to smother a puny candle of truth.

22) "What lovely weather!" said I. "Hunh!" said my Bangalore buddy, "Because we didn't have chilling nights nor killing noons, our air swarms with allergens. Being sick is normal!"

23) Fog causing trains to smash into one another, is like small pox wiping out six villages. An anachronistic nightmare.

24) An elaborately defended lack of ambition on part of a businessman, is like a middle-age muddle. Inner confusion shows like a bloated middle.

- Max

(work in progress)


Even a person
in coma ages. Why do,
we then, resent change?


For those who value
life, moods are execrable veils
shutting oxygen.

- Max


Moods are faceless wisps
in face of true relief after

- Max


Invent a mood that
would deprive me from an
impending, royal crap.

- Max


A poet deprived
of peace looks through fog of moods -
scattering wild seeds.

- Max

Fear and hunger

Fear and hunger:
two rocket engines propel
us in the rat race.

- Max

बहता हूँ / بہتا ہوں

तुम्हारे कूचे में हूँ पर तुम्हारा साथ नहीं,
अनजाने दरिया मॆं हूँ, बहता हूँ,
जैसे के हाथ नहीं|

- मुश्ताक़

تمہارے کوچے میں ہوں پر تمہارا ساتھ نہیں ،
انجانے دریا میں ہوں ، بہتا ہوں ،
جئسے کہ ہاتھ نہیں ۔

- مشتاق


With animals a mere look suffices.
After pulping forests and dumping words,
we fumble.

- Max

A liaison

Like a huge water drop condensing from a drifting cloud
You chose to drip down, thunderclap loud,
For a halting place, in the burning sands of my heart
Diffusing with dignity: unforced effusion is a sombre art.

No eyebrows were raised, freedom was an ocean breeze.
Bare feet in climate control you chuckled with every sneeze.
There were dreams in your eyes, lyrics in yourgait,
Draped with adolescence, bubbling flouncing teenage bait.

So often your remarked: Oh what a pair we make,
A liaison, despite the bonhomie, I had to forsake.

- Max

Friday, December 4, 2009


What we know is nothing.
So why are we so worked up anyway?
It's not that we've anything
to impress upon anyone.
We're as good and bad as we can get.
Time, relativity and the concept
of space can fuck your trip royally.
Nothing matters really.
All that you can do is
impress your fuckin tribe,
only one fourth of which knows anything.
Cool scientists that is.
We're beyond insignificantly small.
We're the nothin of nothing.

- June Bug

Brother Hood

Dear brother Hood
You're just not good -
every word
you uttered
come our rather rude!

- Max

How do you

How do you deal
with a delighted squeal
not knowing why
it wasn't a sigh?
How do you tackle
a very sudden cackle
how did it fail
as a terrible

- Max

मुद्दत से तरसते हैं

मुद्दत से तरसते हैं यार के दीदार को
शिद्दत से किलसते हैं प्यार के किरदार को
ज़माना क्यों ना रखे हमें नज़र क़ैद
किल्लत से समझते हैं अह्ल ए बेईमान को

- मुश्ताक़

Dew maidens

Dew maidens, drowsy
teens dematerialize as
soon as the sun shines.

- Max

Masters of Time

We the poets, masters of Time,
In thrall every hour
With bubbling, singeing hearts,
and glistening eyes,
We light bonfires, or embellish
edificies with tiny lamps.

- Max


सौ सौ उम्मीदें बान्धती हैं इक निगाह पर,
मुझको ना ऐसे प्यारसे देखा करे कोई |

- इक़बाल


What precarious
existence, ancient sneeze
fells cerebral forests.

- Max

Forests cerebral
or otherwise strive to
renew every second.

- Alaka

Change undiluted,
unapologetic, keeps
them healthy, fecund.

- Max


What anarchist thrashes
inside I know not,
his fury seals me off.

- Max

चार लम्हें

मुट्ठी में कैद चार लम्हें, सामने फ़नाह के इमकानात
वक़्त की ताक़त क्या ख़ाक समझें
फिसले जो नौनिहाल से बुज़ुर्गी तक बेहोशी में|

- मुश्ताक़

ज़माने से नफ़रत

ज़माने से नफ़रत ना करें तो क्या करें,
प्यार भरे दिल तोड़कर जो इतराता है|

- मुश्ताक़