Thursday, November 12, 2009


Dead tree trunk amidst
florid green vegetation.
All things end someday.

- me

Life is just cyclic,
my dead bones could come back as
ah! a blood red rose!

- Max

Dead tree trunk amidst
florid green vegetation.
All things recycle.

- Alaka

Cremate, bury or
throw to the scavenging birds -
dead, we fertilize.

- Max

In every end
waits a beginning, coiled
to snap into life.
- Max

birds are chattering like seeds
on naked branches
last days of autumn

how naked i have become
bark, rock, and birdsong
gazing at mountains

as i have lost everything
i know but one thing
everything must die

fill me with your chattering
let me remember
spring will come again

i know no better life than words
i know no better death than none
i sweep the shards of pain away
and enter into silent song

- Laura T

Words speakto their own worlds,
measuring outlines of things,
become moments' shards.

A Poem's overflowing vessel
shatters softly, fractures
into Mysounds.

- Laura M

Broken dreams, do you sweep them
under a carpet of mindnumbing chores?

- Max

One wholesome cell of you I am god,
But, religion and prejudice divideth my soul,
Thus spreading the cancer of HATE!

winter always turns to spring,
but this summer
has Gaia wondering......

- Laxmi

i languished o'er death
i burgeoned with the flowers
spring liberation

- Laura T

who's dying first.
Bring in the crowd
Ribbons and balloons.

- Dipalle

Air empties out,
now I float through life
liberation at last oh death!

- Tasneem

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