Thursday, November 12, 2009


Thoughts straitjacketed
into dangerous apple shape
five - seven - five

- Alaka

still my hands are free
and i count on my fingers
while i speak in tongues

apples oranges
my soul knows no boundaries
country or language

it simply sings out
a lightning strike of thought-light
creates its thought-will

haiku is this thought
haku is the space between
the eyes blue sky night

i know nothing now
i shall know everything then
resting in this space

i suspend my disbelief
like a ghost i sit
wait watch om shanti

- Laura T

Counting is easy now
One two three
My abacus knows

Talking, mom showed me how
Eyes voice and tongue
In leashed creativity.

I flinch,fling my words
But always ready to
Scurry into muddled mediocrity.

Independance Day dawns
every year, scars

- Usha

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