Tuesday, October 13, 2009

जीवन म्हणजे

जीवन म्हणजे अळूच्या पानावरील डाव आहे..
टिकला तर मोटी नाहीतर माटी आहे..
तुझे जीवन नेहमी मोटी असु दे..
आणी हा मोटी नेहमी आप्ल्या
मैत्रीच्या शि‍प्ळ्यात वसु दे|

- मुश्ताक़


  1. Raamesh !
    This was a forward from my new friend in Mbai,
    Anu Varghese...even she may not know who wrote it. Kindly correct. I have never written in Marathi as yet, ahem, you give me ideas.

  2. nice poem :) but hey, some mistakes in pronounciations :|
    e.g. the 2nd last word in teh 1st line is spelt as duv - 'the'+'v'

    again, 2nd last word in 2nd line is maati - maa(as in mother)+ti(as title in hindi)
    etc etc...